Sunday, October 24, 2010

Scripture and Homosexuality

This thread is an extenuation of the discussion begun in August, concerning who can properly be called "a Christian."  Here is Danny Mann's definition of who is a Christian: "'Christians' are those who live according to His Word (1 John 2:3-6) and confess their sins (1 John 1:9), and thereby are forgiven and cleansed."

From this definition proceed several implications, which Danny cites in his comments.  One of these is his sense of mission.  I would agree that Christians are "missionaries" by calling, and Matthew 28 presents only the most famous of a number of missionary appeals in Scripture.  I know Danny is active in street ministry, as well as in his teaching at the New York School of Bible (whose contact details I don't have, but which I mention in the spirit of fairness).  I think Danny feels that he is called by God to warn people of their sins, to save them from themselves -- and not to do so would be, he thinks, "misleading and enabling."  Notice here the language of addiction.  I think Danny does not eagerly use this kind of language, but that is what he thinks: being gay is like being a drug addict.  Of course, he also thinks that this is  the original human condition anyway (we're all prone to sinful addictions), and his warning to gay people to mend their ways applies equally to others (he thinks divorce is a sin as well and uses that as an example).

However, I do notice that even though Danny does not explicitly want to single out gays for special treatment even in this way, and even though the Bible itself seems to allude to same-sex relationships a mere handful of times -- seven by some counts -- Danny does seem to spend a lot of time addressing the gay issue.  I haven't done a statistical analysis on his generally distributed emails over the years, but I'll bet that homosexuality ranks near the very top of his list of preferred topics.  I'll let him explain why he does this, in apparent disregard of the emphasis the Bible itself places on this issue (and I’m not at this point even conceding that it talks about being gay at all).

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